Who is Cee Loco?

Carlyle Lobo who also goes by the name Cee Loco is the sole creator of OHH SO LOCO!. Carlyle grew up in the 516 in Long Island, New York. Turning the age of 19 on September 5th of this year, Carlyle is about to embark on his second year college at SUNY Oswego. His major is finance, Carlyle’s ambition is to graduate with a bachelors degree and to find an established position in investment banking.  Being one of THE HOTTEST ISHH (click on link to navigate to site) family and having a keen shock to blog surf and tweet, Carlyle decided to create his own blog, and in hopes to someday be one of the biggest sources to the hottest and newest music, mixtapes, videos, gossip/news, fashion, kicks, art, sports, games, models, and many more other categories yet to come. Two favorite genres that Carlyle enjoys listening to is Hip-Hop and R&B. His top three most favorite artists out there right now in the game is Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Drake. One of his many favorite hobbies is to collect shoes, and you can always catch Carlyle in the brightest, craziest, and most unique t-shirts out there. The reason this blog was created was to provide the public with the “The Hottest Ishh” out there, please spread the word about OHH SO LOCO!. To get to know Carlyle more better follow him on Twitter [@Cee_Loco] or get to know him on Facebook [Carlyle Lobo]. Also don’t forget to visit THE HOTTEST ISHH.


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